Advanced Studies Diploma in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering

Curricular Programme

An individual curricular plan will be elaborated to each student with subjects adequate to their education and according to the needs or fields in which they develop their PhD.
This plan should have at least 30 ECTS, from which 6 ECTS of advanced level and 6 ECTS of complementary advanced level. A research seminar with 6.0 ECTS should be included in the plan of studies and this should be completed within the first two years of study. It should address the plan that the student purposes for the PhD dissertation. The other curricular units should be chosen among the available subjects.
The theme of the dissertation should be innovative and contribute for the advancement of the scientific knowledge. The Doctoral Students are encouraged to produce relevant scientific results that could be published and presented in International Conferences or in International Journals.
The scientific supervision is made by a Professor or Researcher from IST. In the case of existing collaboration with other universities and that the supervision does not belong to IST, the co-supervision should always be guaranteed by a Professor or Researcher from IST.
To ensure the progress of the proposed work plan, a Doctoral Committee will be selected, and will provide feedback to the student research seminar and his progress in general. The seminar should be presented to the Doctoral Committee in the first 24 months after the enrolment of the PhD student.