Admission requirements
Mathematics A + Physics and Chemistry

Minimum Admission Grades
Minimum grade of 10.0 (100 points on a scale of 200 points) in each examination.
Minimum global grade of 12.0 (120 points on a scale of 200 points) for the application grade, calculated with weights of 50% for, on the one hand, the final classification grade of the secondary school education, and on the other hand, a weight of 50% for the required disciplines for admission (specific disciplines).

To find out more about applications, examination dates and other relevant information for application submissions, please visit the site of the Portuguese Ministry of Education – Access to Higher Education at Ministério da Ciência e do Ensino Superior – Acesso ao Ensino Superior.

Available Places (Numerus Clausus)
The number of places for students entering the undergraduate degree course (first cycle of studies) is 30.