In 2018 Técnico has established the updating and adaptation of the teaching models and pedagogical practices as one of the priorities, resulting in the restructuring of all 1st and 2nd cycle programmes (Undergraduate and Master courses) of the Instituto Superior T?cnico.

Thus, from the academic year 2021-2022 the curricular programme of the undergraduate Degree in Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering at Instituto Superior consists of a set of Curricular Units grouped in:
Base Education (60 Credits) essential to the education of Engineering;
Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences (9 credits) that include a Humanistic component in the Degree programme;
Main Engineering Area (87 credits) that includes curricular units specific to Mechanical Engineering and Naval and Ocean Engineering.

Besides these, the curricular programme also includes two Pre-Majors curricular units (12 Credits) aligned to the specialization profiles of the masterÕs degree in Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering, and a final Curricular Unit of 1st Cycle Integrated Project (PIC1) whose objective is to integrate the various contents introduced in the undergraduate degree to solve real or theoretical problems and challenges in team work.

An important aspect of the new curriculum is the offer of specific Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering Course Units, such as Statics and Stability of Floating Bodies, Behaviour of ship Structures, Resistance and Propulsion, Dynamics and Hydrodynamics of Floating Bodies, and Main Machinery and Auxiliary Marine Systems, which strengthen the education and training in Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering in the first cycle of studies and allow the development of a final project in the subject area under the scope of the Course Unit: 1st Cycle Integrated Project.