Professor Carlos Guedes Soares Honoring Symposium on Marine Technology and Ocean Engineering at OMAE 2018 (Madrid 18-22 June 2018) 25-06-2018 in Centec
The 37th International Ocean Offshore and Arctic Engineering (OMAE) 2018 Conference has dedicated a Special Symposium in honor of Prof. C. Guedes Soares of Instituto Superior Técnico, Univ. Lisboa.
Professor Carlos Guedes Soares has been contributing in an exceptional way for many years to the scientific development of different topics in the field of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering and had a leading role in several areas of research at national and international level.
10 FCT projects approved 25-05-2018 in IST-Centec
In the scope of the 2017 FCT Call for SR&TD Project Grants, 10 R&D projects were approved with the participation of CENTEC, 8 of them led by CENTEC Research members, in a total funding larger than 2M Euros.
It is planned that these projects will start in the 4th quarter of 2018.
Minister of the Sea chairs MARTECH2018 opening session 10-05-2018 in Centec
The 4th International Conference on Maritime Technology and Engineering (MARTECH) and the 15th National Congress of Maritime Technology and Engineering took place from 7 to 9 May 2018 at IST.
MARTECH 2018 and JETM’2018 were organized in parallel by CENTEC in partnership with Ordem dos Engenheiros. The Minister of the Sea, Ana Paula Vitorino, opened the session highlighting the im-portance of this sector for the growth of Portuguese economy: “the Portuguese government is committed to implement several strategies based on blue circular economy that enable to create a new cycle of economic development and to create a more sustainable environment”.
Visit in the scope of the Bilateral Project with India - MUP 02-03-2018 in IST - Centec
Professor C. Guedes Soares visited Prof. D. Karmakar from the Dept. of Applied Mechanics and Hydrodynamics of the National Institute of Technology Karnakata, Surathkal.
The visit took place in the scope of the bilateral project MUP – “Study on the performance of combined wave and wind energy multi-use platform”, funded by the Portuguese Foundation of Science and Technology
Workshop on River-to-Sea Going Ships, Wuhan, China 15-01-2018 in IST - Centec
The Workshop on River-to-Sea Going Ships organized by Wuhan University of Technology took place on 7-11 January 2018, aiming to discuss the design of the river-to-sea going ship.
The workshop was attended by 5 Professors from CENTEC, Prof. C. Guedes Soares, Prof. Y. Garbatov, Prof. A. P. Teixeira, Prof. S. Wang and Prof. S. Sutulo, who made various presentations.