Keynote Lecture at the Brazilian Association of Risk Analysis, Process Safety and Reliability ABRISCO 2013 Congress 06-12-2013 in CENTEC-IST
Prof. Guedes Soares has delivered the Inaugural Invited keynote on “Risk and reliability assessment in the offshore industry” at the 1st Congress of ABRISCO that took place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
ABRISCO is the Brazilian Association of Risk Analysis, Process Safety and Reliability and the conference was held on the 25 – 27 November 2013.
Visit to Ulsan University, South Korea 11-11-2013 in IST - CENTEC
Prof. Guedes Soares has visited the Department of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineer of Ulsan University to strengthen the existing cooperation.
During his visit, Prof. Guedes Soares has delivered an invited lecture on “Impact Response of Ship Structural Components” on the 28th October 2013.
Invited Lecture at the 12th International Symposium on Practical Design of Ships and other Floating Structures (PRADS2013) 04-11-2013 in IST-CENTEC
Prof. Guedes Soares has presented a keynote lecture at the PRADS conference during the CEO Session together with the CEO’s of Hyundai Heavy Industries, Korean Register of Shipping and Lloyds Register.
The Keynote lecture entitled “Research challenges related to the ship and offshore industry” was delivered on the 25th October 2013.
EU project SHOPERA – Energy Efficient Safe Ship Operation 18-10-2013 in CENTEC-IST
The UE project SHOPERA started in October 2013 and the kick-off meeting was held on the 10 and 11 October at the Technical University of Berlin to coordinate the start of the activities and tasks.
The project addresses the consequences of the Regulations on Energy Efficiency of Ships in particular looking at the ability of ships to manoeuvre in adverse conditions with the limited propulsive power and steering devices associated to the EEEI index. Extensive experimental work and development of high fidelity hydrodynamic software tools will be conducted.
Visit of a Delegation from the Wuhan University of Technology, China 16-09-2013 in CENTEC-IST
A delegation from the Wuhan University of Technology lead by Professor Yan Xinping, Vice-President of the University and Head of the Research Center for Transportation Safety, visited CENTEC.
The visit took place on the 13th September 2013 and was aimed at discussing the future collaboration plans between the two Research Centers culminating with the signature of an Agreement of Cooperation.
FCT Project - Ship Behaviour in Waves 29-07-2013 in CENTEC-IST
The project “Experimental and Numerical Study of Ship Responses in Waves” started in July 2013, funded by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology.
The project led by CENTEC will be developed in collaboration with the Portuguese Navy. The project includes full-scale test in Navy Ships as well as model tests aiming at providing validation data for the numerical codes of CENTEC of seakeeping and maneuvering in waves.
FCT Project WANDA –Data Assimilation in Wave Predictions 22-07-2013 in CENTEC-IST
The project WANDA (WAve predictions in the Nearshore with Data Assimilation) funded by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology started in July 2013.
The project aims at developing methods of data assimilation in regional wave forecasting systems which will improve their predictive skill. The methods will be applied to the forecast system that CENTEC is running for the major Portuguese Ports.
Visit to Wuhan University of Technology, China 12-07-2013 in CENTEC-IST
Prof. C. Guedes Soares was nominated Invited Professor of the Wuhan University of Technology, during his visit to that University from 28th June to 3rd July 2013.
During his visit, Prof. Guedes Soares also presented an invited keynote address on Safety of Maritime Transportation to the 2nd International Conference on Transportation Information and Safety and visited various Schools and Research Centres of the University.
EXTREME SEAS Final Coordination meeting 18-03-2013 in CENTEC - IST
The final coordination meeting of the Project EXTREME SEAS was hosted by Instituto Superior Técnico on 13-15 March 2013.
In this meeting all partners have participated to present the final results of all workpackages of the project and future cooperation in the area.
CYCLADES Workshop - Crew-centered Design and Operations of ships and ship systems 26-02-2013 in CENTEC-IST
The project CYCLADES has organized their workshop subjected to the current practice in the product design process and in the operation of ships that was hosted by ist on 20th February 2013.
Several skateholders (Shipowners, classification societies, shipyards, ect) were invited to attend the workshop that had near 40 participants. The workshop was followed by a project meeting to discuss the work progress.
Workshop on Environmental Modelling 25-02-2013 in CENTEC - IST
A workshop was organized on the 18th February 2013 in conjunction with the first meeting of the ISSC I.1 “Environment” Committee, which was held on the 19th February.
In the workshop presentations were made of the work being done in CENTEC on this subject as well as by the Committee members.
Validation of Potential-Flow Estimation of Interaction Forces Acting upon Ship Hulls in Parallel Motion,” by Sutulo, S., Guedes Soares, C. and Otzen, J.F.
The paper “Validation of Potential-Flow Estimation of Interaction Forces Acting upon Ship Hulls in Parallel Motion,” by Sutulo, S., Guedes Soares, C. and Otzen, J.F. published in the September 2012 issue of the Journal of Ship Research, has been selected by the SNAME Featured Papers Committee as a Significant Paper of 2012, and was re-published in the SNAME Transactions of 2012 A copy of the paper can be found at: