Study of the economic impact of the Port of Lisbon 15-11-2010 in IST - CENTEC (sp)
CENTEC, in partnership with e-GEO from UNL won the application to carry out a study on the economic impact of the Port of Lisbon.
The public presentation to the Community of the Port of Lisbon of the study plan and the adopted methodology will take place on 29th November 2010 at the Gare da Rocha de Conde de Óbidos.
Prof. Carlos Guedes Soares received the “SOBENA 2010 International Award” 29-10-2010 in IST - CENTEC (sp)
Prof. Carlos Guedes Soares received the SOBENA 2010 International Award” during the Congress of the Brazilian Society of Naval Engineering that was held on 25th to 29th October 2010 in Rio de Janeiro.
This prize was given “for the outstanding contribution to the knowledge of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering”.
CENTEC fosters the cooperation with Harbin Engineering University (PR China) 18-10-2010 in IST - CENTEC (sp)
Prof. C. Guedes Soares was appointed Guest Professor of Harbin Engineering University (HEU).
This appointment will certainly promote the cooperation ties in teaching post-graduation students as well as the development of common research projects. The HEU is one of the leading Universities in China in the area of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering.
MAREN – Marine Renewable Energies 07-09-2010 in IST - CENTEC (sp)
The MAREN project will have its second meeting in Lisbon organized by CENTEC on 13th and 14th September 2010. At this meeting the developed work by each team will be presented and discussed.
In the afternoon of the second day, the project team will meet Portuguese companies that have part of their activities connected to the exploitation of renewable energies and that are associated to the project, with the main goal of discuss the work plan and better align the project results to the interests of the companies.
WAVE CONVERTERS project - Hydrodynamic analysis of wave energy converters with different motion characteristics 22-04-2010 in IST - CENTEC (sp)
The extraction of energy from ocean waves has received considerable attention throughout the world and has led to the development of different technologies and concepts of wave energy conversion.
In the project work will concentrate on the hydrodynamic interaction of waves with floaters with different motion characteristics, which can be appropriate to the design of wave energy converters. It aims at characterizing the efficiency of devices that operate under different wave conversion principles so as to determine which ones will be more appropriate to different environmental conditions. This project, which will be executed at CENTEC, is funded by FCT and started in April 2010.
Project TOWING - Towing dynamics of ships in harbour areas 08-04-2010 in IST - CENTEC (sp)
This project started in April 2010, with FCT funding and will be exclusively developed by CENTEC.
The main objective is the development of a towing simulator with emphasis to creation of an advanced mathematical model, allowing the representation of the towed ship, of the assisting tugs and of towline as linked objects inside the computed code.
MOORWEC Project - Design of mooring systems for floating wave energy converters 02-04-2010 in IST - CENTEC (sp)
The purpose of the project is to investigate the hydrodynamic problem of the mooring of floating wave energy converters (WECs) and develop methods, tools and procedures to support the design.
The objective of the project is to develop methods, calculation tools and procedures to support the design of mooring systems of floating near shore WECs, and analyze the mooring problem for arrays of WECs. The methods to be developed will be useful for the mooring design of other complex floating structures. The MOORWEC project started in the April 2010 and is funded by FCT. Besides two Research Centres of IST (CENTEC and IDMEC), the other partners are FEUP and MARTIFER (organization that develops its activity in this main domain).
MAREN Project- Marine Renewable Energy – Energy Extraction and Hydro-Environmental Aspects 18-02-2010 in IST - CENTEC (sp)
The first meeting of the MAREN project was held in Wales. MAREN is an European project funded by the ATLANTIC AREA programme (ERDF), which has started in late 2009 and has duration of 3 years.
One of the main objectives of MAREN is provide research results to support the innovative marine renewable energy industry at an initial stage. Besides, will provide information on the energy extraction potential of the Atlantic Area coastal waters and enable the prediction of both the impact of marine renewable energy devices on the environment (natural and human) and the impact of the environment on the performance of these devices. The project will focus on the wave energy devices, offshore wind turbines, tidal stream turbines and barrages, including the French La Range barrage. The consortium has the participation of organization form Ireland, Portugal, Spain, United Kingdom and France. CENTEC will focus its activity in the study of the condition of wave energy extraction, but will also collaborate in other tasks.
MARSTRUCT Project: Network of Excellence in Marine Structures 30-01-2010 in IST - CENTEC (sp)
The MARSTRUCT project has been concluded after six years of operation.
It was a network aimed at strengthening the scientific and technological excellence of the European Research Area by integrating at a European Level a critical mass of resources and expertise to be able to provide European leadership in the design of efficient and safe ship structures. This network was organized under the following subjects: Methods and Tools for Loads and Load Effects Methods and Tools for Strength Assessment Experimental Analysis of Structures Materials and Fabrication of Structures Methods and Tools for Structural Design and Optimisation Structural Reliability, Safety and Environmental Protection One of the results of the project was the organization of a set of biannual conferences, specialised in Naval Structures; MARSTRUCT2007 organised in Glasgow, MARSTRUCT2009 in Lisbon and MARSTRUCT2011 that will be held in Hamburg. This network had 33 European partners and was coordinated by IST/CENTEC. At the end of the project was decided to create a Virtual institute “MARSTRUCT VIRTUAL INSTITUTE” that pretends to continue the partnership between the institutions and create new partnerships with other interested institutions.
ASDEPP project - Advanced Ship Design for Pollution Prevention 29-01-2010 in IST - CENTEC (sp)
The objective was to provide support for implementation of optional courses on Advanced Ship Design for Pollution Prevention that were held at studies of naval architecture at Croatian Universities.
The completed project, which was funded by the EU TEMPUS IV programme, had as primary objective to provide support for development and implementation of set of optional courses on Advanced Ship Design for Pollution Prevention (ASDEPP) that were held at studies of naval architecture at Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and Naval Architecture (FAMENA), University of Zagreb, at University of Rijeka, and University of Split, Croatia. During the project, the following post-graduation courses were created and offered during two years: • Modelling of the environment and environmental loads • Ship structural reliability with respect to ultimate strength • Fatigue reliability and rational inspection planning • Collision and grounding as criteria in design of ship structures • Probabilistic approach to damage stability At the end of the project a workshop was organised and as a result a book with the presented papers were published Advanced Ship Design for Pollution Prevention, edited by C. Guedes Soares and J. Parunov, Taylor and Francis, 317 pages.