Francisco, M.B.R.M., Mendes, M.J.G.C. and Calado, J.M.F. (2019), “An Electro-pneumatic Prototype to Support the Teaching of Industry 4.0 Concepts”, 5th Experiment@ International Conference ('19), 12-14 June, Funchal, Madeira, Portugal, pp. 428-433.

The appearance of industry 4.0 and the internet of things allowed to shorten the gap between the consumer and the product industry, with the introduction of new digital processes. With this in mind, a project of an electro-pneumatic laboratory prototype to support the teaching of the industry 4.0 concepts was proposed. For the construction of the laboratory system was developed a typical industrial electro-pneumatic process (at scale), for which some support components were constructed using 3D modelling. For the automation part of the this system, the control platform of the programmable logic controller, type of programming language and creation of the code were developed. For the supervision system and remote digital control, the human machine interface is based in web pages using a common web browser, with the possibility of decentralized access in every tablet and smartphone. This prototype was simulated and tested, and it will help in the teaching of the 4.0 industry concepts.

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