Concerted Action on VTMIS (VTMIS)

Duration: 1995-1999

Coordination: Institut Français de Navigation

Partners: Two from each European Country; Instituto Superior Técnico and Laboratório Nacional de Engenharia Civil

Funding Entity: EU Transport Programme

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Vessel traffic services aim to improve the overall efficiency and safety of shipping traffic flows, thus contributing to the prevention of marine pollution as well as navigational efficiency and safety. Rapid advances in information and telecommunications technologies contribute to the development of vessel traffic information and management services. In order to maximise the benefits of technological developments for both users and suppliers of such services, it is important to arrive at a common understanding of technological capabilities and – perceived or real – needs for their application to traffic management. The Directorate General for Transport (DGVII) of the European Commission has established a Management Committee and Technical Secretariat to oversee and support activities undertaken under the Concerted Action on Vessel Traffic Management and Information Services (VTMIS) in all participating countries, namely the maritime member states of the European Union plus Norway. The concerted action on VTMIS has three main objectives: To summarise the knowledge on the state of the art. To build concepts and models in co-operation with the actors in the field. To develop demonstration software. The Management Committee has initiated a series of actions as follows: The collection and processing of data to provide a comprehensive overview of recent research on Vessel Traffic Services (VTS) and Vessel Traffic Management and Information Services (VTMIS) and also of the existing European VTS infrastructure. The establishment of a plan of action to enable user groups to express their views on the need for improvements in VTMIS at the national and the European level. The definition of suitable criteria for establishing the feasibility of proposals for VTMIS demonstrations and for assessing the extent to which they can provide a sound basis for a harmonised, European-wide policy on VTS and VTMIS. The identification of further research under the Fifth Framework Programme. The concerted action will span three and half. The final report is due for delivery in June 1999.

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