Li. H., Diaz, H.M. and Guedes Soares, C. (2021), “A failure analysis of floating offshore wind turbines using AHP-FMEA methodology”, Ocean Engineering, Vol. 234, 109261 (15 pages)

An AHP-FMEA methodology is proposed to analyse the floating offshore wind turbines failure causes. The method introduces the expert opinions to generate a risk index through the Analytical Hierarchy Process criteria weighting technique. Main components, critical systems, failure modes, and failure causes are analysed. Fifteen failure scenarios are identified and corresponding preventive and corrective actions are suggested to cut off paths of failure propagations and to reduce the failure impacts. This method allows to minimize the catastrophic failures on floating offshore wind turbines. Moreover, a comparison study is conducted to remove the uncertainty when implementing the presented method, which validates the proposed methodology's creativeness and feasibility.

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