Santos, T.A., Martins, P. and Guedes Soares, C. (2021), “Cruise shipping in the Atlantic coast of the Iberian Peninsula”, Maritime Policy and Management, Vol. 48(1), pp. 129-145

A review of literature is conducted in the field of cruise shipping, indicating a research gap in what concerns regional analysis of the specific characteristics of cruise shipping in the Atlantic coast of the Iberian Peninsula. Passenger traffic in major cruise ports in this region and seasonality throughout the period of 2007-2016 is analyzed, including a comparison with the West Mediterranean. The number and market segment of cruise ships operating in this region is discussed and cruise terminal characteristics are compared. A database of cruise ships composing the world fleet is presented and a number of technical characteristics are discussed. This database is used to further characterize cruise shipping in selected Atlantic and Mediterranean ports of different sizes. The fleet composition in these ports is compared with the world fleet. The distribution of nautical distances between ports in the two areas is compared and its consequences for itinerary planning are discussed. Limitations in smaller ports in the Atlantic coast are identified. Conclusions are drawn regarding cruise shipping in this region.

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