Woloszyk, K. and Garbatov, Y. (2021), “Design of experiments approach for ultimate strength assessment of corroded stiffened plates”, Modern Trends in Research on Steel, Aluminium and Composite Structures, Gizejowski, M. Kozlowski A. Chybinski M. Rzeszut K. Studzinski R. & Szumigala M., (Eds.), Taylor and Francis, London, UK, pp. 527-533

The impact of corrosion degradation on the ultimate strength of stiffened plates subjected to compressive loading is investigated. The DoE technique is used considering different plate and column slenderness ratios and corrosion severity. The FE method, considering geometrical and material nonlinearities, is employed. A two-stage corrosion degradation model is adopted. Firstly, a uniform thickness loss is adopted to reflect the mean loss of the volume of material. Secondly, mechanical properties are reduced, to reflect the local non-uniformity of the corroded surface, leading to a local strain reduction when compared to a smooth surface plate. As an analysis outcome, the most important governing factors and interactions between them are obtained. The post-collapse shapes are presented and discussed. The resulting structural response surface allows for fast estimation of the ultimate strength of corroded stiffened plate, revealing to be a swift and practical tool to be adopted in the engineering practice.

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