Liu, B., Liu, K., Villavicencio, R., Dong, A. and Guedes Soares, C. (2021), “Experimental and numerical analysis of the penetration of welded aluminium alloy panels”, Ships & Offshore Structures, Vol. 16(5), pp. 492-504

The paper presents experiments and finite element simulations of welded 5083-H116 aluminium alloy panels, quasi-statically punched at the mid-span by a rigid hemispherical indenter, to examine their plastic deformation and fracture resistance. Four specimens are examined: one bare plate, one butt welded plate, and two stiffened plates. The effect of the welding and the influence of stiffeners on the structural impact response are evaluated. The experimental results are presented in terms of the forcedisplacement responses and collapse modes, showing a good agreement with the simulations performed by the LS-DYNA finite element solver. The finite element analysis discusses the structural behaviour and rupture of the welded aluminium alloy panels under accidental loads, focusing on the welding details and the material degradation in the heat affected zone.

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