Liu, B., Wang, G., Chen, B.Q. and Guedes Soares, C. (2021), “Experimental, numerical and analytical analysis of the penetration of a scaled double-hull tanker side structure”, Marine Structures, Vol. 78, 103018 (17 pages)

The paper presents experimental, numerical and analytical analyses of a small-scale double-hull structure quasi-statically punched at the mid-span by a rigid flat edge indenter, in order to examine its energy absorbing mechanism and fracture. The specimen, scaled from a tanker’s double side structure, includes three spans between the web frames and two spans between the stringers. The paper provides practical information to estimate the extent of structural damage within ship sides during collision accidents. The experimentally obtained forcedisplacement response and deformation shape show a good agreement with the simulations performed by the explicit LS-DYNA finite element solver. The analysis of the double-hull structure demonstrates the accuracy of the procedure for identifying standard inputs used in numerical codes, in particular the definition of material plastic hardening and the calibration of the critical failure strain by tensile test simulation. The experimental and numerical results are used to validate the analytical method proposed in previous investigations at plastic deformation stage and a revised semi-analytical method is proposed in the present study for the large penetration stage.

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