Woloszyk, K., Bielski, P.M., Garbatov, Y. and Mikulski, T. (2021), “Photogrammetry image-based approach for imperfect structure modelling and FE analysis”, Ocean Engineering, Vol. 223, 108665 (14 pages)

This study aims to model and analyse imperfect structures using real measurements, employing photogrammetry technique commonly used in the geodesy. The study highlights the capability of the photogrammetry in aiding the structural analysis of imperfect engineering objects. Firstly, the photogrammetry measurements of a stiffened plate are carried out using a specially designed for the purpose experimental stand. Then, the plate surface geometry and structural configuration are reconstructed using commercial software. The resulting cloud of points is transformed into a regular mesh with a controlled grid size using a specially developed algorithm. The geometry of a stiffened plate, with measured initial imperfections, is then transferred to a finite element model and analysed. The ultimate strength analysis of stiffened plates considering different imperfections modelling techniques is conducted. The results are compared with the one obtained for measured imperfections, and several conclusions are derived. The proposed methodology revealed to be cost-effective and can be applied in various branches of shipbuilding and ocean engineering.

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