Alizadeh, F. and Guedes Soares, C. (2021), “Influence of long-term moisture exposure and impact damage on the residual compressive strength of Glass-reinforced Vinylester”, Composite Structures, Vol. 260, 113525 (15 pages).

Compression after impact behaviour of Glass/Vinylester composite laminates, which has been subjected to water exposure for a long period of over 20 months, is studied. Furthermore, tests are carried out for three different specimen thicknesses aged in three different water types; potable, salted and sea water. The results of these tests are compared with those of non-impacted specimens to determine the change of the residual strength at different impact energies. The results show the load-displacement and load-strain curves of CAI tests. Moreover, the changes of residual compressive strength are determined with respect to the various imposed impact energy for different thicknesses. Failure modes and impact response of dry and wet specimens are discussed.

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