Pedro, F.G.L., Santos, J.A., Pinheiro, L.V., Fortes, C.J.E.M. and Hinostroza, M.A. (2018), “Analysis of the influence of the variability of depth on the interaction between two ships”, 14º Congresso da Agua (AGUA 2018), 7-9 March, Évora, Portugal

This publication analyses the influence of the variation of depth on the hydrodynamic interaction between two ships, a stationary one and another in movement in the neighbourhood, by using physical and numerical modelling. The moving ship is an autopropulsion model on the scale of the chemical products transport ship “Aurora”, and the stationary ship model on the scale of the tanker “Esso Osaka”. Tests were performed for various speeds of the “Aurora” and for different depths. With the data obtained, a characterization of the wake waves generated by the “Aurora” was made, and of the motions induced by the “Esso Osaka”. These movements were compared with the results obtained with the numerical model SWAMS, which simulates ship motions (moored or sailing) subjected to waves, winds and currents. Time series of wake waves generated by the “Aurora” were used to define the incidental waves in the SWAMS model. The influence of water depth on the ship motions were analyzed, for physical and numerical results.

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