2.2.255 Vittori, F., Pires, O., Azcona, J., Uzunoglu, E., Guedes Soares, C., Zamora Rodriguez, R. and Souto-Iglesias, A. (2021), “Hybrid scaled testing of a 10MW TLP floating wind turbine using the SiL method to integrate the rotor thrust and moments”, Developments in Renewable Energies Offshore, Guedes Soares, C. (Ed.), Taylor and Francis, London, UK, pp. 417-423

This work shows the implementation of the improved SiL (Software-in-the-Loop) method to integrate the wind turbine dynamics in the wave tank test campaign of the 1/60 scaled CENTEC tension leg platform (TLP). The SiL has been successfully applied in several test campaigns and originally, the method introduced only the thrust loading, but recently, it has been improved to include also the rotor aerodynamic and gyroscopic moments in the pitch and the yaw degrees of freedom. This substructure was designed within the ARCWIND project considering the environmental conditions of the European Atlantic Area region for supporting the 10MW INNWIND turbine. A description of the test campaign and the experimental setup of the scaled model and the sensors are provided. The most relevant experimental results are showed and discussed. Based on these measurements, this work discusses the importance of the inclusion of the rotor moments on the dynamics of the TLP turbine.

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