Gadelho, J.F.M., Rezanejad, K., Xu, S., Hinostroza, M.A. and Guedes Soares, C. (2021), “Experimental study on the motions of a Dual Chamber Floating Oscillating Water Column Device”, Renewable Energy, Vol. 170, pp. 1257-1274.

The hydrodynamics and the motions of a novel dual chamber floating oscillating water column device are studied experimentally. This novel wave energy converter consists of the combination of two already known concepts into a single floating structure: An oscillating water column and a backward bend duct buoy. The surge, heave, and pitch response amplitude operators of the floating device are determined and the impact of the chambers damping conditions on the model motions is evaluated. The results show that in surge motion, the natural frequency is much lower than the generated waves and in some cases the device travels towards the incident wave (initial negative drift) due to negative drift forces. The free surface elevations and air pressures inside the chambers are studied and their correlation with the motion of the device has been explored. Results of the amplitude of the free surface elevations inside the chambers show that the device can amplify it up to 2 times the incident wave height. The experimental data presented here can be used on the verification and validation of numerical models that deal with similar floating devices.

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