Gaspar, J.F., Stansby, P.K., Calvário, M. and Guedes Soares, C. (2021), “Hydraulic Power Take-Off concept for the M4 Wave Energy Converter”, Applied Ocean Research, Vol. 106, 102462 (14 pages)

This paper presents a power take-off concept for the Moored, Multi-float and Multi-Mode Wave Energy Converter, (M4 WEC), based on oil hydraulic technology. The study shows the importance of having low max-to-mean mechanical power ratios, preliminary to the design of the oil-hydraulic power take-off. It explores the characteristics of the M4 WEC in order to achieve these lower power ratios and shows their impact on the preliminary sizing of the power take-off equipment. The power take-off concept, on the other hand, is derived from previous case studies and adapted to the M4 WEC with incremental developments on the mechanical interface with the WEC prime mover or float system and on the power take-off hydrostatic transmission.

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