Lucas, C., Bernardino, M. and Guedes Soares, C. (2021), “Relation between atmospheric circulation patterns in the North Atlantic and the sea states in the Iberian Peninsula”, Journal of Offshore Mechanics and Arctic Engineering, Vol. 143, 031201 (12 pages).

A statistical analysis of significant wave height (Hs) in a location offshore Portugal continental coast, Leixões, is performed.. The spectral and parametric information this point used in this analysis was obtained from 21-year hindcast simulation using the spectral wave model SWAN forced by the ERA-Interim reanalysis. The modelling of the climatic variability of directional spectra provides i.e., how the spectral parameters and their probability of occurrence change in the regions studied. The occurrences of spectral classes are estimated, and for each class, the variability of the spectral parameters is described by means of joint distributions. The classification of the different sea states provides important information about the wave conditions present in the target areas. .The results of this study provide description of the wave climate through demonstration of the interaction between sea states and weather patterns, and relating different circulation patterns to different sea states. This study provides useful information on the wave conditions that can be utilized in the design of ocean engineering structures as well as in the assessment of the operability and safety of shipping and renewable energy devices.

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