Garbatov, Y., Ås, S.K., Branner, K., Choi, B.K., Den Besten, J.H., Dong, P., Lillemäe, I., Lindstrom, P., Lourenco de Souza, M., Parmentier, G., Quéméner, Y., Rizzo, C.M., Rörup, J., Vhanmane, S., Villavicencio, R., Wang, F. and Yue, J. (2020), Fatigue and Fracture - Reply to Official and Floor Discussers, 20th International Ship and Offshore Structures Congress (ISSC 2018), IOS Press Ebooks, pp. pp.87-110

It is a great honour for me to discuss the report of ISSC Committee III.2 “Fatigue and Fracture”. I joined ISSC 30 years ago already in 1988, as a member of the Committee on Materials and Fabrication Technologies – by the way together with Mirek Kaminski, Chairman of the current Congress. Later I was Chairman of the Committee “Fatigue and Fracture” in the years 1994 - 2000, and afterwards, I joined the Standing Committee for 15 years, chairing the Congress in 2012. Insofar I can say that I belong to the ISSC-family, being happy to finally contribute with the official discussion.

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