Chen, B.Q. and Guedes Soares, C. (2021), “Experimental and numerical investigation on welding simulation of long stiffened steel plate specimen”, Marine Structures, Vol. 75, pp. 102824 (12 pages)

The paper presents the results of metal inert gas T-joint fillet welding tests of small scale rectangular stiffened steel plates longer than the standard test specimen. In the literature the focus is typically on plates with a small aspect ratio and the present work deals with plates of higher aspect ratio, which are the typical ones in marine structures, aiming to determine if there is any significant effect of welding along the longitudinal direction. Nonlinear thermo-elasto-plastic finite element models are adopted to evaluate the temperature distribution, welding induced distortions and residual stress in the stiffened plates of shipbuilding steel. Given the difficulty in data acquisition of temperature-dependent properties of the material, a simplified model of the properties is proposed, based on the values at room temperature. Good agreement is observed between the measured and simulated temperatures, indicating that the current finite element approach is appropriate to simulate the welding process. The proposed simplified material model can be efficiently used in the finite element analysis of welded steel structures. It is concluded that the welding parameters have more significant influence on the structural responses than the dimension of the plate.

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