Silva, N., Wang, S. and Guedes Soares, C. (2020), “ALE and Finite Element Investigation of Water Impact on Composite Panels”, Developments in the Collision and Grounding of Ships and Offshore Structures, C. Guedes Soares (Ed.), Taylor and Francis Group, London, pp. 227-236

In this study, the effects of the water impact induced loads, also known as slamming loads, on sandwich composite structures are studied. This fluid-structure interaction problem is investigated using the ALE formulation included in the commercial software LS-DYNA. The computational fluid dynamics model presented is validated through the comparison of the rigid structure results with published experimental data. The finite element analysis is also validated through the simulation with input data given from another published research and with the comparison of the composite structural results from the same research. The water entries of composite panels with the combination of different deadrise angles and entry velocities are simulated. The results of the slamming loads, deflections and stresses on the panel are then summarized and discussed.

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