Tadros, M., Ventura, M. and Guedes Soares, C. (2020), “Simulation of the performance of marine genset based on double-Wiebe function”, Sustainable Development and Innovations in Marine Technologies, Georgiev, P. & Guedes Soares C. (Eds.), Taylor and Francis Group, London, pp. 292-299

Different Wiebe functions, single, double and multi-Wiebe function, are considered to compute the mass fraction burned in order to control the combustion process in different types of internal combustion engines. Using a special double Wiebe function to control combustion in diesel engines, this paper focuses on the simulation of the performance of a turbocharged four-stroke marine genset. Firstly, the model is established and implemented in 1D engine simulation software. Then, the computed characteristics of the engine are validated by using experimental data. A good agreement is achieved between the calculated thermodynamic properties and the performance of the engine with the real data collected, while a good fitting is achieved between the in-cylinder pressure diagram and the experimental one for different engine loads. The double Wiebe function considered, while it is not widely used, shows effectiveness and easiness to simulate the combustion process and does not require any previous calibration. It is recommended to be further used in the simulation of any diesel engine.

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