Woloszyk, K. and Garbatov, Y. (2020), “Uncertainty assessment of ultimate strength of corroded stiffened plates subjected to maintenance”, Sustainable Development and Innovations in Marine Technologies, Georgiev, P. & Guedes Soares C. (Eds.), Taylor and Francis Group, London, pp. 429-436

The study deals with the uncertainty assessment of different governing factors related to the ultimate strength of the corroded stiffened plates. The load-carrying capacity is predicted with the use of the nonlinear Finite Element Method. The most influencing governing factors in the non-linear FE analysis, such as material properties and initial imperfections are modeled and analysed as stochastic variables. The ultimate strength is evaluated accounting for different maintenance actions, related to cleaning process of corroded plates including: intact corroded one, corroded sandpaper cleaned and corroded sandblasted cleaned. Results showed a significant scatter in the strength predictions and several conclusions are derived based on the uncertainty model developed here.

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