Georgiev, P., Garbatov, Y., Kirilov, L. and Denev, Y. (2020), “Multi attribute design decision solution of MPV accounting for shipyard building constraints”, Sustainable Development and Innovations in Marine Technologies, Georgiev, P. & Guedes Soares C. (Eds.), Taylor & Francis Group, London, pp. 354-361

The objective of this work is to analyse numerous multi-purpose vessel design solutions employing the multi-attribute decision-making approach. The recent smart technological update of many small and medium-sized European shipyards created a capacity for building new ships of specific dimensions, profitable in a short-shipping distance service. With this respect, the study presented here analyses the operational characteristics of multipurpose ship design solutions, accounting for the constraints originated from small and medium-sized shipyard during the building process of new ships. Conceptual design of eight alternative design solutions with deadweight in a range of 5,000 to 8,000 tons is performed. The focus of the study is on the main dimensions of ships of bulk and container capacity, intact stability and seakeeping performance. Particular attention is paid on the vertical bow acceleration, deck wetness, hydrodynamic impact, propeller emersion, motion sickness and wave-induced water resistance, which leads to additional brake horsepower.

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