Santos, T.A., Martins, P. and Guedes Soares, C. (2019) , “The impact of container terminal relocation in hinterland delimitations”, Proceedings of the 27th Annual Conference of the International Association of Maritime Economists, 25-28 June, Athens, Greece

This paper presents the problem that led to consider the relocation of container terminals in Lisbon, which was driven by urban pressure on older terminals located in valuable waterfront space close to city centers. These and other factors pushed for terminal relocation further downstream or into the opposite river bank of a wide estuary. Such relocations may have severe commercial implications if cargo distribution and land infra-structure for terminal access are not even across the hinterland due to natural conditions or to the pattern of socio-economic activities. A mathematical model is presented for calculating generalized costs implied in the transportation of containers from multiple load centers in the hinterland to container terminal locations in the port of Lisbon, Portugal. A method is also presented to delimit the hinterland of competing terminals based on generalized costs and its configurations are compared for different proposed locations of container terminals in the estuary of river Tagus, allowing conclusions to be drawn regarding the consequences of such relocations.

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