Rezanejad, K. and Guedes Soares, C. (2019), “Application of a stepped sea bottom condition to improve hydrodynamic performance of OWC devices”, Advances in Renewable Energies Offshore, Guedes Soares, C., (Ed.), Taylor & Francis, London, UK, pp. 521-530

The influence of attaching steps to the conventional OWC device on the hydrodynamic performance has been assessed by carrying out experimental investigations. The analytical formulation for estimating the efficiency of dual-mass Wave Energy Converter systems has been presented. Then, the enhanced performance of the system in terms of having high inherent potential to absorb the energy of the excitation source is demonstrated. It has been justified that the OWC system with attached step substantially acts similar to a simple dual-mass WEC system. Hence, its hydrodynamic performance can be improved significantly. In the experimental approach, two different steps were attached to the OWC device and the performance improvements obtained by the application of the steps has been evaluated in regular and irregular waves. It has been observed that the hydrodynamic efficiency of the system is enhanced significantly by utilization of the steps.

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