Gaspar, J.F., Hallak, T.S. and Guedes Soares, C. (2019), “Semi-submersible platform concept for a concentric array of Wave Energy Converters”, Advances in Renewable Energies Offshore, Guedes Soares, C., (Ed.), Taylor & Francis, London, UK, pp. 307-314

This paper presents a semi-submersible platform concept for Wave Energy Converters and preliminary results regarding the stability and dynamics in operational condition, as well as survivability. The platform was conceptualized with the design principles used in Floating Offshore Wind Turbine semi-submersible platforms, since they are located at a more mature level of development. The numerical results were obtained considering linear potential theory in the frequency domain. Thus, the results offer first estimates on the influences of the coupling between Wave Energy Converters, hull and PTOs’ dynamics, which is ideally extremely complex and difficult to handle. The results point to different trade-offs regarding performance, but also indicate useful advantages on employing Wave Energy Converters with a wind turbine.

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