Ferreira, P. and Bellini, E. (2018), “Managing interdependencies in critical infrastructures - a cornerstone for system resilience”, 28th European Safety and Reliability Conference (ESREL 2018), 17-21 June, Trondheim, Norway

The management of critical infrastructures is increasingly challenged by the high complex and interdependent nature of their operations. The need for methods and tools that better address these challenges has been often argued in literature. An improved access and accuracy of information on local operational con-ditions is referred to as one of the assets to be pursued, towards better coping with complexity. Technology currently available facilitates the access to a wide range and amount of data and information. However, put-ting such data and information to use as an effective support to decision making remains poorly addressed. Project RESOLUTE proposes an approach to the management, aggregation and processing of “big data” to-wards an enhanced adaptive capacity of stakeholders within critical infrastructures. The approach is based on the understanding of functional interdependencies between stakeholders and the use of that understanding for the tailoring of existing data to various operational contexts and conditions. A modelling of critical infrastruc-tures was developed using FRAM. This model is then used as a basis for the development of an IT platform that supports coordination and cooperation between stakeholders.

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