Beites, N., Dias, M., Mendes, M.J.G.C., Carreira, F., Campos, F. and Calado, J.M.F. (2018), “A gantry robot automatic positioning system using computational vision”, Proceedings of the 1st Iberic Conference on Theoretical and Experimental Mechanics and Materials, 4-7 November, Porto, Portugal, pp. 1031-1042

With the new industrial revolution (industry 4.0) under way, there is a need to automate/digitalize even the simplest processes to keep companies competitive, efficient and secure. This work proposes an automatic and robotic positioning system with position control through the image of video cameras. The objective is to propose this type of automatic system to companies aiming to improve robotic systems operations that are often controlled manually and with associated risks. The developed system was tested in simulation (using Matlab) and in an experimental scale prototype.

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