Roque, A. and Sobral, J. (2018), “Predictive Maintenance using Ultrasound Technology as Condition Monitoring”, Maintenance Performance Measurement and Management 2018, 21-23 June, Coimbra, Portugal

Despite ultrasound technology has some decades upon its applicability on engineering, it remains nowadays as a technique that can be very useful on the condition monitoring of industrial equipment. The present paper is focused on the presentation of such technology and on the demonstration of several failure modes that can be present in most of the industrial facilities. It is shown where the technology can be applied as leak detection, valve inspection, steam traps inspection, electrical equipment inspection, hydraulic systems inspection, inspection of bearings and on lubrication based on condition. It is also presented some features that enable the use of ultrasound technology under the scope of Industry 4.0 through the use of web platforms to store data and access a huge variety of information.

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