Roque, A. and Sobral, J. (2018), “Motion amplification technology as a tool to support maintenance decisions”, Maintenance Performance Measurement and Management 2018, 21-23 June, Coimbra, Portugal

The present paper deals with Motion Amplification Technology (MAT-Iris M) as the basis to identify and characterize problems that affect most industrial equipment, helping maintenance professionals to make the correct decisions in a proactive way. The work describes MAT-Iris M as a disruptive technology and a revolutionary way to visualize vibration problems, linking it to condition monitoring, failure risk and maintenance decisions. The Motion Amplification Technology monitors critical manufacturing operations, processes, quality and structural components that affect plant reliability and productivity. Some real examples are presented to illustrate the capacity of such technology. Based on the characteristics of the technology presented in the work it can be stated that it could be an important tool to help who has responsibilities on physical assets and on the decision making process, based on risk perception and using a disruptive technology.

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