Gordo, J. M. and Guedes Soares, C. (2018), “Pure bending test on a box girder with low panel's slenderness”, Arctic Engineering (OMAE 2018), 17-22 June, Madrid, Spain

The results of a four points bending test on a box girder are presented. The experiment is part of series of tests with similar configuration but different thickness, spacing between longitudinal stiffeners and span between frames. The present work refers to the stockiest plate box girder with a plate’s thickness of 4 mm and a span between frames of 800 mm. The experiment includes initial loading cycles allowing for residual stresses relief. It also includes a series of cycles close to collapse load allowing the analysis of linear characteristic at high levels of load. The moment curvature relationship is established for a large range of curvatures. The ultimate bending moment of the box is evaluated and compared with the first yield moment and the plastic moment allowing the evaluation of the efficiency of the structure. The post buckling behavior and collapse mode are characterized. Comparison of the experiment with a progressive collapse method is made taking into consideration the effect of residual stresses on envelop of the moment curvature curve of the structure.

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