Calvário, M., Gaspar, J.F., Kamarlouei, M. and Guedes Soares, C. (2017), “Optimization of Mechanical Design and Control Parameters of an Oil-Hydraulic Power Take-off System”, 12th European Wave and Tidal Energy Conference (EWTEC 2017), 27 August - 1 September, Cork, Ireland

This paper presents a Wave Energy Converter (WEC) Power Take-Off (PTO) concept with a new arrangement of oil-hydraulic cylinders in order to maximize wave harvested power. The concept consists of two one-single rod cylinders attached in opposite sides of an arm fulcrum. The WEC-PTO interface is adapted from the Wavestar WEC, with modifications on its arm design and the replacement of the original hemispherical buoy with a cone type one. This new cylinder arrangement configuration is modelled, simulated for five sea state conditions and for five different standard cylinders and the results are compared with the original cylinder configuration. The harvested wave power is maximized in both cases, being the optimal geometric and control parameters determined with genetic algorithms. According to numerical simulations the new configuration produces 5 to 33 % more harvested wave power than the original one, depending on the cylinder size and the sea state condition.

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