Pedro, F., Hinostroza, M.A., Ramos, A., Pinheiro, L., Santos, J.A. and Fortes, C.J.E.M. (2017), “Experimental characterization of ship motions induced by passing ships”, International Short Course Conference on Applied Coastal Research (SCACR2017), 3-6 October, Santander, Spain

Using physical modelling, the movements of an otherwise motionless ship induced by the wake waves generated by another ship that sails in its vicinity are analyzed. The tests were carried out at one of the wave tanks of the Portuguese Civil Engineering Laboratory (LNEC). The moving ship is a self-propelled scale model of the “Aurora” chemical ship whereas the otherwise motionless ship is a scale model of the “Esso Osaka” tanker. The free-surface elevation was measured with a set of resistive wave gauges and ADVs. A gyroscope was employed to measure the ship motions. Several tests were carried out for different advance speeds of the “Aurora” and for different water levels. The values obtained for the different test conditions were analyzed and compared in what concerns both the characterization of the generated wake waves and induced movements of the “Esso Osaka”.

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