Radar Monitoring of Sea-State at the Port of Sines (RADMONITOR)

Duration: 01.05.2006-30.06.2008 (26 months)

Coordination: APS

Partners: Instituto Superior Técnico

Funding Entity: Agência da Inovação - Programme PRIME/IDEIA

The objective of the project is to supply the Port of Sines with a system to monitor the surface currents and wind on approaching the Port in such a way as to be able to make this information available to ships on entering or leaving the harbour. In particular, the project intends to further develop the method to estimate the value of the current and wind surface obtained from the analysis of radar images which already functioning at the Port of Sines to enable the system to monitor the current at the entrance of the Port. It also pretends to develop a method to determine the velocity of the wind at sea level through the analysis of the same radar image. It is the aim of the project to make the data automatically available to ships and to the public in general on the Internet. This system will be connected with the spanish system of operational oceanography, which will be able to create the capability of forecasting the wind and current, and compare them with the current and wind measured by the radar.

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