System to Forecast Wave Conditions in the Portuguese Ports (MARPORT)

Duration: 01.04.2007-31.06.2008 (18 months)

Coordination: Instituto Superior Técnico

Partners: APDL, APS

Funding Entity: AdI - Agencia de Inovação - Inovação Empresarial e Transferencia de Tecnologia, S.A.

Port´s activities are dependent of the sea states, which can avoid the entrance and exit of the ship in safe conditions. For the planning of their activities it is important that Port´s authorities have availabrle the forecast of sea states for several days, since they can acquire an anticipated knowledge of the sea states that can allow the planning of their activities in function of the ships that arrive ad leave the Port. Currently this function is garanteed by meteorological services obtained through global numerical models. This situation becomes more dramatic in port zones, were the rives estuaries, the bathymetry and the anthropogenic effects of foregoing this project aims at development a forecast system based on high resolution models on a local scale to forecast the wavw conditions at the entrance of the three largest ports in Portugal. The system that is proposed is based on high resolution models on a local scale (atmospheric model of limited scale MM5 and regional wave model SWAN), with initial and boundary consitions provided, prespectively, by global models (GFS and WAM).

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