Development of a Real-Time Nearshore Wave Prediction System for the Portuguese Ports (NEARPORT)

Duration: 01.03.2008-28.02.2011 (36 months)

Coordination: Instituto Superior Técnico

Funding Entity: Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology

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The target of the present project is to implement NEARPORT, a flexible wave prediction system based on numerical models able to provide operationally the environment support for the Portuguese Ports, with the possibility of assessing the nearshore circulation. The system implementation will assume three levels related with the resolution in the geographical space of the wave model simulations. The SWAN model is the main component for the regional and high resolution levels. At the second level, STWAVE model will be evaluated in parallel with SWAN. Phase computing models, based both on the mild slope equation (REFDIF) and on the Boussinesq equations (FUNWAVE), will be tested and compared at the local level. REFDIF model is the standard wave driver for SHORECIRC. Hence the nearshore currents could be also assessed by coupling the nearshore circulation module. A MATLAB user friendly interface with capacities for pre and post processing and output visualizations will be developed and associated to the wave prediction system.

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