Intelligent Supply Chain Management for the Enterprise (INTERMAR)

Duration: 01.04.2002-31.03.2005 (36 months)

Coordination: Laboratory for Manufacturing Systems at Patras University (Greece)

Partners: Patras University (Greece); Dunston Ship Builders (UK); Elefsis Shipyards (Greece); IZAR Shipyards (Spain); LISNAVE Shipyards (Portugal); NEORION Shipyards (Greece); TRIBON Solutions (Sweden); University of Newcastle Upon Tyne (UK); Instituto Superior Técnico (Portugal); Ship Builders and Ship Repairers Association (UK)

Funding Entity: EU – Growth Programme

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The proposed work suggests the development of a set of extended enterprise models and their implementation in a software framework capable of materialising an efficient and responsive supply chain in the form of an extended enterprise, joining all trading partners, including customers, suppliers, factories and warehouses. The ultimate objective of these models is to offer at last and on a realistic basis the potential for strategic alliances in a pan-European level in order to retain or increase the market share of European maritime and related enterprises.

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