Safety and Reliability of Industrial Products, Systems and Structures (SAFERELNET)

Duration: 01.11.2001-31.10.2005 (52 months)

Coordination: Instituto Superior Técnico

Partners: EQE International Ltd, UK; D’Appolonia S.p.A., Italy; Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Switzerland; RCP Consult GmbH, Germany; Bauhaus – University of Weimar, Germany; PAFA Consulting Engineers, UK; Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway; WSAtkins Consultans Ltd, UK; BOMEL Limited, UK; Bureau Veritas, France; Caminhos de Ferro Portugueses, Portugal; CEA - Nuclear Reactor Division, France; COWI Consulting Engineers & Planners AS, Denmark; Companhia Portuguesa de Produção de Electricidade SA, Portugal; Det Norske Veritas, Norway; Gdynia Maritime Academy, Poland; Institute of Fundamental Technology Resesearch, Poland; Instituto Tecnológico para a Europa Comunitária, Portugal; Liverpool John Moores University, UK; MARINTEK, Norway; Norwegian Geotechnical Institute, Norway; Petrellus Limited, UK; Polytechnic of Milan, Italy; QUEST Consulting Limited, UK; Risø National Laboratory, Denmark; CorrOcean, Safetec Nordic, Norway; others...

Funding Entity: EU - Programme GROWTH

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The scope of the project is the integrated treatment of the important aspects of design, production, operation of industrial products and systems. The main emphasis is on the use of reliability based methods for the optimal design of products, production facilities, industrial systems and structures from the point of view of balancing the economic aspects associated with providing predefined safety levels, with the associated costs of maintenance and availability. The approaches include modelling the reliability of the systems throughout their lifetime so as to be able to study the impact of new maintenance and repair schemes on system safety, life cycle costs, reliability, serviceability and quality. Methods for the assessment of existing structures and equipment will be addressed as well as approaches and criteria for extending the lifetime of products and industrial systems safety and with adequate levels of reliability and availability. The Network aims at improving the coherence of the approaches adopted by the different industries to deal with the above-mentioned problems, in particular as concerns RTD and demonstration activities. It will also assess the importance and maturity of the technologies being developed and will contribute to the technology transfers among the sectors. These activities will facilitate the co-ordination of a number of RTD and demonstration activities.

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