Concerted Action on Formal Safety and Environmental Assessment (FSEA)

Duration: 01.01.1997-31.12.2000 (48 months)

Coordination: Germanischer Lloyd and Det Norske Veritas

Partners: Instituto Superior Técnico, Direcção-Geral de Portos, Navegação e Transportes Marítimos

Funding Entity: EU - Programme TRANSPORT

One of the main objectives is to bring together experts from all relevant parties involved in Europe shipping, for several purposes: To establish a common knowledge about the approaches to safety and environment assessment of ships. To create a common understanding of how approaches to risk assessment and environment impact can be applied to shipping, e.g.: as adequate basis for future safety and antipollution regulations, as possible tools leading to more flexibility in ship safety design. To contribute to the harmonisation of European activities in regulating shipping transport. In order to serve the mentioned general objectives the Concerted Action is aiming at: Establishing a common knowledge about the current state of the art of assessing risk and environmental impact of ships. Collecting the different present viewpoints on assessing risk and environmental impact of ships. Contact to relevant initiatives and project consortia investigating into risk assessment approaches will be established and maintained. Assessing the applicability of current risk assessment practice and accepted methods in other industries. Identifying all relevant aspects to be considered when assessing risk and environment impacts from ships. These are for instance the availability and applicability of assessment methods, requirements for data format and collection, the problem of implementing the human factor, the consideration of the environmental sensitivity of marine areas. Clarifying objectives and requirements from potential future users of format risk assessment approaches. Such future users can be from shipping industry, flag states and administrations involved with waterborne present and future traffic regulation. Identifying and specifying necessary further developments on the way to a commonly understood and accepted approach in assessment of both risk and environmental impact of ships. Priority research task will be defined for implementation in present and future European research programmes.

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