Interaction of Wave Spectra with Currents (InterWave Spectra)

Duration: 01.07.1997-30.06.2000 (36 months)

Coordination: Danish Hydraulic Institute

Partners: Instituto Superior Técnico

Funding Entity: EU - Programme Large-Scale Facilities

The interacting waves and currents, not only changes the wave characteristics, but also transform the current flow field. Of particular interest is the change in the form of the spectral density function due to currents from different directions and with different velocities. This project is a continuation of the last one that took place from May to September 1997, in the Danish Hydraulic Institute. Simulations of different sea states interacting with currents will be performed, using in this case different current velocities and also different angles. Also in this project the study of the change in the current velocity profile will be made. To perform these simulations we will use the facilities of the Danish Hydraulic Institute.
The general methodology to be used is:
- The generation of waves with a given directional spectrum, modifying the energy level and logarithmic current profiles, with different flow intensities, changing also the angle between the main direction of propagation for the waves and currents.
- To measure the directional spectra and current flows.

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