Decision Support for Maintenance Management and Quality Control (Quality Control)

Duration: 01.01.1994-31.12.1997 (36 months)

Coordination: Tilburgh University (The Netherlands)

Partners: Instituto Superior Técnico (Portugal), ESSEC (France), INSEAD (France), Erasmus University (The Netherlands), Salford University (UK)

Funding Entity: EU - Programa Human Mobility

The main objectives were to provide theoretical basis for building decision support systems in maintenance and quality control, through mathematical modelling and analysis of the underlying decision processes. In the work program we distinguished four research projects: (a) Analysis of maintenance models for multi-component systems.(b) Quality management in a technology intensive environment. (c) Quality control in a conflictual environment and the control of quality in industrial supplier contracts. (d) Integrated quality management. The consortium have developed eight (prototypes) software systems, edited seven special issues of leading journals on the subjects maintenance management and quality control. Issues concerning advanced continuing education and quicker transfer of current research from academia to industry have been addressed in a special issue of the International Journal for Continuing Engineering Education. Six European (five financed by the consortium) young post-docs have been trained, and European workshops organized by the consortium. The group from IST has participated more actively in (c) and (d) through contributions on control charts, models for analyzing the quality of the service industry, and the management of field service operations (i.e., queueing models).

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