Concerted Action on Short Sea Shipping (Short Sea Shipping)

Duration: 01.01.1995-31.12.1999 (48 months)

Coordination: National Technical University of Athens

Partners: Instituto Superior Técnico (Portugal), Direcção Geral da Navegação, Portos e Transporte Marítimo (Portugal)

Funding Entity: EU Transport Programme

The Concerted Action on Shortsea Shipping is a major European Commission initiative aimed at the promotion of safe, efficient and pollution-free waterborne transport. Its principal aims is to ensure that all relevant research and development work is critically surveyed, and a taxonomy compiled, so that a European-wide vision may take shape on what more needs to be done to develop the shortsea shipping sector in Europe. It is widely recognised that the future viability and prosperity of this sector depends on a successful ship of cargo volumes from land transport which is attractive financially and operationally as well as from the viewpoint of reliability. The Concerted Action on Shortsea Shipping is expected to play an important part in the European Commission's Waterborne Transport Programme. It will do so by setting out the following goals: Compiling the state of the art in this area, Summarising all relevant research and other related work, Defining relevant pilot projects and demonstrations, Defining criteria for the operational and logistical efficiency of shortsea shipping, Identifying the key focal points for the sector's future development, and Providing the widest possible exposure and dissemination of the results of the action. The Concerted Action is linked to a number of related Fourth Framework Programme projects, mainly from the Directorate General for Transport (DGVII) but also from various other directorates of the European Commission.

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