TransEuropean Information Dissemination on Maritime Industry Related ICT Projects (MarExpo)

Duration: 01.08.1997 – 30.06.1999 (23 months)

Coordination: Balance Technology Consulting (Germany)

Partners: Instituto Superior Técnico (Portugal), Archimedia (Greece); BIBA (Germany); Det Norske Veritas (Norway); Kockums Computer Systems (Sweden); Odense Steel Shipyard (Denmark); TNO (The Netherlands)

Funding Entity: EU ESPRIT Programme

MAREXPO was committed to the dissemination of maritime research, technology and development (RTD) especially those achieved under the ESPRIT programme and to the building of the Maritime Information Society. The objectives of MAREXPO were: Increase awareness of European research programmes (especially ESPRIT) through active information of maritime projects performed under their auspices. Broaden the basis and thus improving awareness of Information and Communication Technologies and its relevance and potential for maritime industry’s competitiveness and more generally for building the Information Society. To trigger interest in companies to benefit from available project results, to increase European collaboration and to become actively involved in future activities. To support relevant instances in the commission for cross-departmental coordination and to consolidate the current dialogue between industry and commission and to contribute to the image creating process for the high technology sector maritime industry. To achieve these objectives the MAREXPO consortium had performed the work in three major workpackages, i.e., preparation of show-materials and showpieces (brochures, multi-media presentations and physical demonstrations). MAREXPO was represented on 12 major fairs and conferences in six different countries. In the EXPO’98 in Lisbon, MAREXPO had a stand at the EC Pavilion with the exhibition of some showpieces from other ESPRIT Projects.

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