Life-Cycle Virtual Reality Ship System (VRSHIPS-ROPAX 2000)

Duration: 01.10.2001 – 30.09.2005 (48 months)

Coordination: Strathclyde University

Partners: Instituto Superior Técnico(PT), Strathclyde University-CADC (UK); AESA; AFY; APB; BAE Systems; Balance (D); Bazan (SP); BMT (UK); Bureau Veritas (F); CETENA (I); Color Line; CONSAR (I); CTO; DS; Delta_Marin; GTI; HKSE; HSEA; IRCN (F); IST (P); Kamewa; KCS; LMG; LOGIT; MARIN; METTLE; MEYER; MTRU; NTUA-SDL; NTUA-LSMH; Sirehna (F); SSPA (S); Szczecin Uni. (PL); TNO (NL); TUHH (D); Univ. Of Newcastle Upon Tyne (UK); Univ. Patras (GR); van der GIESSEN; VDC; VTT (FL); WARTSILA; WEGEMT (UK).

Funding Entity: EU - Growth Programme

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The project will embrace all the state-of-the-art methods and tools to produce an integrated, open and transparent platform system for ship systems. The overall objective is to implement, develop and realise an independent, generic, integrated platform for virtual modelling and simulation of critical marine technolgies and to realise an application of this platform by targeting the design of an advanced ROPAX concept. The integrated platform will provide product developers and users with a means to visualise simulations, involving all the aspects of the product such as operation, production, design, transportation; to interact with the platform to fulfil particular tasks, such as design and investigate different scenarios of working methods such as concurrent, co-ordinated or semi-automated engineering; to model and optimise development and operational processes; to test and evaluate the reliability and risk inherent in the virtual world; and to facilitate access and real time interact to a common integrated ship platform.

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