Design of a Sardine Fishing Vessel for the 21st Century (FISHING VESSEL)

Duration: 01.01.1999 – 31.12.2000 (24 months)

Coordination: Instituto Superior Técnico

Partners: E.N. Peniche

Funding Entity: Directorate-Gerneral for Fisheries

The capture of sardine is one of the most important fishing activities in Portugal, with a large fleet of vessels spread along the entire coast. However almost all of the existing fishing boats follow an old traditional design which is not optimised for the actual fishing activity and does not make use of the modern fabrication technology and equipment. The objective of the project is to design a modern fishing vessel for the capture of sardine. The efficiency of the new ship will be optimised by increasing the automation of the systems on board, reducing the crew and improving the habitability and safety on board. The project follows the next steps; · A new design of the hull was achieved which will result on an improvement of the vessel performance in calm water and in seaways. Also the layout of the accommodations and equipment on board is innovative and aiming at better working and living conditions on board. · The hull will be fabricated using composite materials and the most advanced manufacturing technologies. · The applicability of a vacuum system to bring the fish to the ship will be assessed, as well as a system to refrigerate the fish on board using seawater. · The level of automation will be increased by joining all control systems of the vessel in one control panel. In addition, data from all equipment and systems on board will be collected and transmitted in real time to a control station based on shore. The control station would control all the fleet operating at different locations. · A new fishing net will be developed and its performance assessed. This new design will reduce labour necessary to operate it.

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