Impact on Composite and Cellular Materials (IMPACT)

Duration: 01.10.1990 - 31.09.1994

Coordination: Instituto Superior Técnico (UETN)

Partners: Instituto Superior Técnico (Material Science Department), Arsenal do Alfeite, Conafi (Portugal)

Funding Entity: Junta Nacional de Investigação Tecnológica

To conduct an experimental study aiming the quantification of the energy absorbed by different types of composite materials subjected to the impact, and to validate the theoretical models of the mechanical deformations. The selected materials will be plastic reinforced with fibre glass and cellular materials, having in mind the potential use of these materials in ships and other special structures. The materials will be tested by bending and tension with various speeds of deformations. Drop weight tests will also be conducted so as to find the correlation between the level of energy observed that lead to the collapse, for different types of components. Correlation with calculations will also be made.

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