Optimum Concept to Produce and Load with Underwater Storage (OCTOPLUS)

Duration: 01.10.2001 – 31.03.2004 (30 months)

Coordination: Doris Engineering (F)

Partners: Alstom (F); EXMAR Luxembourg (B); Lloyds Register (UK), IST (P)

Funding Entity: EU – Programme GROWTH

The OCTOPLUS surface facility concept is a development from the now well-accepted mono-hull FPSO concepts that shows potential major steps gains in several key areas. The objective of the project is to develop a new concept to enhance the FPSO functions (Floating Productions Storage and Offloading) for the large deepwater developments, which are becoming a strong trend in the highly active areas of Gulf of Mexico/West Africa/ South America. The new concept preserves the advantages of the current generation of FPSO designs but takes a radically different approach to the storage method and the support of the topside processing equipment and adds the drilling and dry tree capability. Once investigated and tested this concept will have a range of attractive advantages over current alternatives.

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